Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I have been working hard on finding the perfect gray. I learned so much about color during this progress. The lighting in my home makes a lot of grays go purple. After a month of looking I ended up with the color I originally wanted. Farrow and Ball "Shaded White" It has some brown undertones that I think help with my lighting to fight the purple. When you initially roll it on the wall it looks like chocolate milk but as it dries it goes gray. I also learned not to try to color match farrow and ball. The formulas that were colored match from three different stores were more muddy and some darker. Just save your money and get the real thing!! All this started because I saw Shaded White at my favorite store Juxtaposition. You can see pictures of the stores in La Dolce Vita and La Dolfina blogs. Both of these blogs have done a beautiful post about the store with lovely pictures. I loved how light the color was yet it gave a nice neutral background for all the art. If you are ever in Newport Beach you should definitely check out the store. My painter is coming over on Thursday. I will post some pictures of the room done.


  1. Looking forward to seeing your photos when you are finished!

  2. also a fan of Juxtaposition - the store and the name :). can't wait to see FB Shaded White on your walls!