Sunday, March 6, 2011


We bought our home four years ago. We did a total remodel. I love how open our home is but when it comes to painting it's hard to separate the spaces and do a fun paint color. I love gray and as you know is really in right now. I fell in love with Sherwin Williams 2138 a few years ago when I saw it used at one of my favorite stores in Orange county Juxtaposition Home  I could not use the color all over because it's so dark. I love light and airy spaces and I did not want to make the house feel dark. I went totally 80's and decided to do one accent wall. After 3 years i am ready to change it and have a little bit of color but not huge contrast. 

I really hate to spec paint as a designer that is part of my job. When a client ask me to spec paint I start to sweat and immediately feel I did not us enough deodorant!!!! Lucky for me I have my friend Kathy that is an artist and is amazing with paint. We can usually brain storm and come up with something great. Here are some pictures of what I am thinking. The shade on top of the dark gray is two shades lighter than the original dark color. To the left of the fire place  is our dining room space. I would not call it a room because it's open and runs into the living room (it's like an L shape room).  The walls right now on the rest of the room are a creamy white from Dunn Edwards "whisper" great on cabinets. 

What are your thoughts? Excuse if the blog doe snot flow great. I am still learning and trying to learn this blog stuff. Excuse the quality of photos they were taking with my Iphone. 


  1. Hi! Just found your delightful blog, & wanted to tell you I believe your home turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL of your style, which is terrific! You've created a wonderfully stylish home, and I think you'll do well in the business!

    I ALSO noted that you have the book on your coffee table (white w/ the coral) that I have tried to find EVERYWHERE, but do NOT know the name/author.... Got so excited to see it there, so I can ask you!!!

    Would you mind dropping me a note to share that info? (My E is listed below)...

    If you'll make access by E-mail an option (PLEASE!), I would love to follow your blog!!!...

    Warmest wishes,

    Linda in AZ * *** (Belle is OUR "Chloe", so to speak! She's a German Shorthaired Pointer & a doll, like I'm sure your Chloe is!~~~)

  2. Hi Linda, I hope you got my emails. The coral Book is Albertus Sebas Natural Curiosities. There is also a smaller version available. xo Mishelle

  3. Your home is beautiful! I love it just how it is - I wouldn't change a thing! :)

  4. Hi Lisa, Thank you for your sweet note. As you know a home is never done, specially a designer's home. I am always changing something, creating something or designing something. xoMishelle

  5. Just found your blog via Urban Gardener and how funny...Juxtaposition is one of my favorite stores. I go in for a little inspiration a couple of times a week after Barmethod.
    Your home looks beautiful. I especially love the mirror over the fireplace and that striped rug.


  6. I just found your blog through Lovely Things, and your home is beautiful. We just put an addition on our home, and I am just pulling together the final touches. I have gotten so many wonderful ideas through your blog, Annie's, and so many others.

  7. Dear Cheryl, Thank you for your sweet note. Good luck remodeling. I love construction and the smell of new paint. I always tell my friends there is not a better sound than the sound of hammers, saws and drilling. :-) You will have to post your progress pictures. Can't wait!!

  8. Hola acabo de encontrar tu blog y me ha encantado tu decoraciĆ³n.

    Te invito a visitar mi blog.
    Besossss. Manoli.

  9. Hi! Thanks for following! Love your seaweed prints! Where did you get them? Thanks!