Friday, January 27, 2012

Home Pictures Finally

Obviously I completely neglect my blog. I guess I am too busy reading other blogs :-)  Here are my home pictures after painting with Farrow and Ball "shaded white.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I have been working hard on finding the perfect gray. I learned so much about color during this progress. The lighting in my home makes a lot of grays go purple. After a month of looking I ended up with the color I originally wanted. Farrow and Ball "Shaded White" It has some brown undertones that I think help with my lighting to fight the purple. When you initially roll it on the wall it looks like chocolate milk but as it dries it goes gray. I also learned not to try to color match farrow and ball. The formulas that were colored match from three different stores were more muddy and some darker. Just save your money and get the real thing!! All this started because I saw Shaded White at my favorite store Juxtaposition. You can see pictures of the stores in La Dolce Vita and La Dolfina blogs. Both of these blogs have done a beautiful post about the store with lovely pictures. I loved how light the color was yet it gave a nice neutral background for all the art. If you are ever in Newport Beach you should definitely check out the store. My painter is coming over on Thursday. I will post some pictures of the room done.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


We bought our home four years ago. We did a total remodel. I love how open our home is but when it comes to painting it's hard to separate the spaces and do a fun paint color. I love gray and as you know is really in right now. I fell in love with Sherwin Williams 2138 a few years ago when I saw it used at one of my favorite stores in Orange county Juxtaposition Home  I could not use the color all over because it's so dark. I love light and airy spaces and I did not want to make the house feel dark. I went totally 80's and decided to do one accent wall. After 3 years i am ready to change it and have a little bit of color but not huge contrast. 

I really hate to spec paint as a designer that is part of my job. When a client ask me to spec paint I start to sweat and immediately feel I did not us enough deodorant!!!! Lucky for me I have my friend Kathy that is an artist and is amazing with paint. We can usually brain storm and come up with something great. Here are some pictures of what I am thinking. The shade on top of the dark gray is two shades lighter than the original dark color. To the left of the fire place  is our dining room space. I would not call it a room because it's open and runs into the living room (it's like an L shape room).  The walls right now on the rest of the room are a creamy white from Dunn Edwards "whisper" great on cabinets. 

What are your thoughts? Excuse if the blog doe snot flow great. I am still learning and trying to learn this blog stuff. Excuse the quality of photos they were taking with my Iphone. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Reading my own post

For me it's very hard to write because I am not a good writer.  I write like I talk!! I went back and edit my first post because after reading, I felt like when you hear your voice in a video or in your voice mail. Terrible!! Will try to get over my nerves and write more or it might end up being a picture only blog. :-) 

Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3, 2011 First blog for Fluff Your Nest

I am excited to start my new interior design blog. I am completely obsessed with interior design. I spend hours and hours looking through design blogs, books and magazines. I decided to write my own and share some of the things that inspire me. I am very loyal to white interiors. I love white slip covers in linen with Pillows organic textures.  A great candle (Nest, Mahogany  a personal favorite) and music playing in the background like Astrud Gilberto. I look forward to growing this blog and sharing my design passion with you.  Mishelle